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Coming Soon – New Barbados Stamps, but what are they???

Barbados Mystery Stamp

Word has reached us that there is a new set of Barbados stamps due for release in March 2021, but to date, we have very little information on them. Due to lockdown on the island, not much is coming or going from the Philatelic Bureau at this time.

So far, all we know is the title of the new set (and yes, we are presuming it’s a set) and that is ‘Antique Furniture’.

Given that Barbados has been settled since the fifteenth century, it should be no surprise that there will be antique pieces of furniture all over the island. In fact, a quick Google search turns up quite a lot of ‘antique’ Barbados furniture.

For now, however, we will just have to guess what the stamps look like, how many are in the set and at what value. And I’m certain that the release date will probably be guided by lockdown on the island as well. After all, there’s no point issuing a first day cover if no one can get to the Post Office to get it cancelled!

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