George V

Barbados Stamps | George V

1910 – 1936

Despite George V reigning for twenty-six years, there were surprisingly just nine basic stamp issues in Barbados during this time.

The very first set came out in 1912, two years after his accession and these remained until 1916 when the ‘Large Seal’ set was issued.  A ‘War Tax’ issue in 1917 to help pay for the ‘Great War’ was followed by the ‘Victory’ set in 1920.

The ‘Small Seal’ set was issued in 1921 and then in 1925 what could be described as the first set of definitives, with the ‘Postage & Revenue’ legend across the top.  The final issue was the 1935 omnibus issue for the Silver Jubilee, after which there were no more issues before the King passed away in 1936.

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