Aerogrammes, Postcards, Pre Paid & Postal History

Barbados Stamps | Aerogrammes, Postcards, Pre Paid & Postal History

This page was originally created in 2012 and since then, I’ve added very little to it. In contrast, the collection has ballooned, so much so that I now have sixteen albums full of covers and postal stationery, along with several boxes of material still to catalogue and index.

Of these, the Postal Stationery now takes up five of the albums and I have decided that slowly, over time, I will try and reorganise this section of the website so it shows as much material as I possibly can. This will mean separating out the Aerogrammes from the Wrappers, the Formular Cards from the Postcards and the Registered Envelopes, of which I have far too many, will need their own section as well. As you will probably appreciate, this takes time and as someone with a full time job, I can only ask you to bear with me. With any luck, I’ll have this done before 2030 🙂