QEII 1980-1989

The Barbados FDC’s of QEII between 1980-1989

By the time we arrive in the 1980s, FDC production had become something of a standard, with most, if not all, FDC’s now having a suitably designed envelope to match the stamp issue. There are, of course, exceptions, such as the three additional ‘Birds’ definitive values issued on March 1st 1982, where to date, I have only been able to track down a single plain FDC containing these values. Where additional definitives are added to an existing set, it is rare to find them on an ‘official’ FDC and more often than not they appear on plain covers.

The collection here is not complete as there are just two FDC’s missing. Strangely, these seem hard to come by, yet this was the peak time for FDC production and there were huge numbers of collectors receiving these direct from the Philatelic Bureau. I can only assume that people believe them to be ubiquitous when in reality, they rarely appear for sale.

If you see one for sale not shown here (or you have one for sale) please let me know via the Contact page as I’d love to add it to this resource.