George VI

Barbados First Day Covers (FDC’s) from the reign of George VI.

Included within this section are a wide range of covers designed specifically for the 1937 Coronation of King George VI and whilst there are over a dozen so far, the number of known different types are easily more than twice this number. I’ll add to the gallery as more of them become available.

Similarly, the 1938-47 definitive series are available on a range of printed and plain covers, but finding nice, clean covers can be something of a challenge. The lower values tend to come up at auction and in dealers’ boxes quite frequently, but the higher values, less often.

As always, if you spot something that’s missing in the gallery please let me know on the contact page.

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  1. […] only having one cover for this section; they are quite hard to find. I’ve also updated the George VI FDC gallery as well as the QEII […]

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