Stanley Gibbons v Scott Numbers

Barbados Stamps | Stanley Gibbons v Scott Numbers

When buying Barbados stamps it can be better to buy from American or Canadian sources (or indeed from Barbados if you can!) depending on the prevailing exchange rate at the time, but in many instances they catalogue the stamps using Scott Catalogue (SC) numbers rather than the Stanley Gibbons (SG) numbers which British collectors would use.  This can lead to confusion over what exactly you are buying (or bidding on in the case of online auctions).

The aim of this page therefore is to try to align the two catalogues by bringing together the two sets of numbers.  Please note that I have done this by simply sitting and matching the numbers and descriptions across the two catalogues and wherever possible adding on a picture so you can see what your stamp should look like.

Please be aware that with the early stamps of Barbados particularly there are a great many different shades of stamp available and therefore colour is only one of the ways you should try to identify the stamp (see Identifying Barbados Britannias). In addition you should be aware that I can take no responsibility for any errors or omissions on this page – it’s there as a ready reckoner but cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate.  As with all buying, please take care to inspect the item before you buy it and as always ‘caveat emptor’.