Queen Elizabeth II

Barbados Stamps | Queen Elizabeth II

1952 - Present

Far and away the largest selection of stamps of Barbados, the stamps of Queen Elizabeth II range from the earliest issues on 13th April 1953 right up to date and there are simply thousands of stamps in this selection.

The gallery below will be expanded on regular occasions and present you with a clear scanned copy of every single stamp issued during this time.  Where we have copies of some of the stamps with errors we will attempt to show them but it won’t be possible to show some of the watermark variations as they simply won’t show up on a scan. We believe this gallery is currently up to date, but if you spot something missing then feel free to let us know.

For definitives, we will aim to scan each stamp individually and with the sets, we will try to present them as a set showing clearly how many stamps were in that set and clear scans of them.  We hope this is a useful resource however please feel free to feedback if you think there’s something missing?