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What makes this 1950 Barbados postcard unusual??

Barbados Stamp on Grenada Postcard with 6d rate stamp

As always, when looking for new items to add to the collection it helps if there is something of a story behind them. This postcard is no exception.

Sitting in a dealers box for not very much money it looks as if it is just a standard postcard of the period with a solo 6d George VI commemorative stamp on it to pay the airmail rate to USA. So what’s the story?

Well, to find out more you need to flip the card over where you see this;

Barbados Stamp on Levera Beach Grenada Postcard with 6d rate stamp

Lo and behold, it’s a postcard that has travelled before it was posted. Purchased in Grenada and showing a scene of Levera Beach, Grenada, it has travelled 162 miles before having a Barbados stamp added and posted on the island on 23rd August 1950.

Barbados Stamp on Grenada Postcard with 6d rate stamp

The next mystery and one I’ve yet to solve, is what the message actually is? I suspect it’s just a list of people’s names but why they wold send this escapes me.

Anyway, it’s another reason why collecting postal history can sometimes be more interesting than just the stamps.

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