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Underpaid post is still escaping the island

Underpaid cover from Barbados

Whilst on the island recently I decided to try and experiment and see if I could send myself an underpaid postcard. As you can see from the image below, it arrived perfectly well despite being underpaid by $1.55.

The stamp on it is one of the recent ‘7 Wonders of Barbados’ set although this particular one is taken from the mini sheet as I had broken one up to use the large Lion Hill stamp (more of that later).

The postcard, one of the many free ones available on the island, was posted at Rockley Beach and has been cancelled at the nearest main Post Office in Worthing.

Given that there are no longer any Postage Due stamps I’m not surprised that it simply went through the system unchallenged. Gone are the days when you could get interesting instructional markings on your covers and cards!