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New images added to the QEII FDC gallery

Barbados 1968 International Year for Human Rights FDC - illustrated cover

This weekend I’ve finally found a little bit of time so faced with the choice of adding more stock for sale or updating the galleries, I’ve chose the latter.

When I thought about it I remembered that the original intention of this website was to provide the best resource available for everything to do with Barbados stamps and covers, so if this improves the website it’s a better use of my time.

I really have now got a mountain to climb as I have a vast Postal Stationery section still to scan and load as well as numerous FDC’s and Parish Cancels. It’s going to take some time!

Anyway, this weekend I’ve added on a Gallery for George V First Day Covers despite only having one cover for this section; they are quite hard to find. I’ve also updated the George VI FDC gallery as well as the QEII 1960-69.

So, if you have some early Barbados FDC’s and want to check them against the gallery, feel free to check them out. And if you have some that aren’t illustrated here I’d love to see a scan of them to add to this page.

2 thoughts on “New images added to the QEII FDC gallery

  1. If I know which First issue you still looking for i have few hundreds , I can check if I have it .


    1. Hi Samir,

      I’m always delighted to see if I can add more to the website. I set out to make this the most comprehensive website about Barbados Stamps so if you have any we don’t have, please let me know?
      If you want to email us then you can use the contact form Thanks

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