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I just had to find a home for these monsters!

Barbados Prehistoric Aquatic Reptiles Stamps 1993

Collecting Barbados stamps is not just all about the old and the rare items, it’s about anything that the island produces and in this case I couldn’t resist these monsters. Yes, quite literally stamps with dinosaurs on.

Barbados Prehistoric Aquatic Reptiles Stamps 1993

This set, actually called Barbados Prehistoric Aquatic Reptiles, were issued in 1993 and the set of stamps came in horizontal strips of five complete with the background forming a composite design. They also had descriptions in the gutter as you can see which included details about each of the creatures.

If you can find the set then grab them as the last time I saw a Stanley Gibbons West Indies catalogue these had made it to the pages of that publication which means that they are probably due a price rise anytime soon! The stamps are Barbados SG1008-1012, issued in 1993 and currently catalogue at £10 for the mint set of five, so expect to pay a bit more for this double set with the gutter.