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1970’s First Day Covers with an amazing destination down under!

Barbados Definitive issue 1970 First Day Cover

I’m always happy to collect the First Day Covers of Barbados, not least of which because they have been very poorly represented in the past.

As an example of this there are certain issues in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s where it is almost impossible to find ‘Official’ covers with a printed design. The best you can hope for is to find clean, neatly cancelled covers on plain envelopes. But is there a catalogue anywhere that lists these? I haven’t found one and that, I suspect, will become another side project for this website in the future.

These covers are a really good example of this. Despite looking for the past seven years, I have yet to see any ‘Official’ covers for the 1970 definitive issue of Barbados. These stamps were issued on 4th May 1970 and I have never seen a cover with any official design on it. I have a few examples in the collection but mostly on oversized envelopes which to be frank, have not stood the test of time. Previous collectors have folded them to fit into albums and they are typically not in good condition.

These however are fabulous. The entire set of sixteen stamps up to $5 on clean covers with a rubber stamp ‘1st Day of Issue’ as well as a clear Philatelic Bureau GPO Barbados cancel. But the crowning glory…..look at the destination!

Barbados Definitive issue 1970 First Day Cover Barbados Definitive issue 1970 First Day Cover

I’ve never seen Barbados to Tasmania as a destination so to not only find clean covers but also a rare destination is a huge bonus!

If you have a better cover of this 1970 issue then I’d love to hear from you – please leave a comment below.

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