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Barbados Pre Paid Postcards launch on 4th July 2018

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - Bridgetown Port

Followers of Barbados Stamps will know that there have been no new stamp issues so far in 2018 and given that we are approaching the end of June that’s quite impressive. This modest issuing policy is one of the reasons that the collecting the stamps of Barbados is so high on people’s agenda.

To put it in context, already in 2018 Royal Mail have issued commemorative stamps for Game of Thrones, Post and Go: Postal Heritage, Mail by Sea, Centenary of Women’s Suffrage (Votes for Women), The RAF Centenary, Reintroduced Species, Owls, The Royal Wedding, The Royal Academy of Arts and Dad’s Army, not to mention new regional and national definitives to account for rate changes.

Wow! Buying that lot in all their variations of mini sheets, prestige booklets and so on you would have spent over £250 already.

Next week however, post offices across Barbados will begin to sell pre paid postcards and they look rather good.

This is a new concept to Barbados and it is hoped that this can be rolled out beyond the Post Offices so they are available for sale in gift shops, hotel receptions and so on. 

It has the advantage of being a stock item that has instant accessibility and given the diverse range of points of sale they will be found it should help to boost sales volumes.

Much like the American concept of ‘forever’ stamps, these cards are priced at a single rate of $4 a card and will be ‘forever’ in that they can be used at any time and for any destination, either on the island or anywhere in the world, for a single rate.

Barbados Pre Paid Postcard - Forever stamp

The cards have on them a single pre printed ‘stamp’ which is a new design and appears to depict a flower of some sort and features the words ‘Forever Postage Paid’ over then Barbados Trident to the left of it.

There are ten different cards to collect and they are as follows;

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - Bridgetown Port

BRIDGETOWN PORT  – recognised as Barbados’ main port of entry for International and Caribbean Cruise ships, is acknowledged as one of the best run ports in the Caribbean.

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - Blackbelly Sheep

BARBADOS BLACKBELLY SHEEP – the island’s only indigenous animal, the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep is seen as a natural genetic resource.

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - The Maypole

THE MAYPOLE –  this dance is a signature manoeuvre performed by the Barbados Landship Association. This community organisation is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Barbados.

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - Gun Hill Signal Station

GUN HILL SIGNAL STATION – once the largest and most important military outpost in Barbados, this signal station provides a spectacular view of the St. George Valley.

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - Southpoint Lighthouse

SOUTH POINT LIGHTHOUSE – originally named Gordon’s Lighthouse after its designer the Scottish Engineer Alexander Gordon, this lighthouse built entirely of metal was assembled in 1852.

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - Morgan Lewis Windmill

MORGAN LEWIS WINDMILL – one of only two functioning sugar windmills in the world, this unique, architectural and historical monument falls under the aegis of the Barbados National Trust.

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - St. John's Parish Church

ST. JOHN’S PARISH CHURCH – this church which is seen as an ecclesiastical jewel has a richly carved pulpit which is made of six different types of wood. The churchyard is famous for its sundial.

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - Harrison's Cave

HARRISON’S CAVE – one of Barbados’ national treasures, this crystallized limestone cave  features flowing streams, deep pools of crystal clear water and towering columns.

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - Culpepper Island

CULPEPPER ISLAND – located in the Atlantic Ocean roughly 250 feet off the South-Eastern coast of Barbados, this small uninhabited island can be reached by swimmers during low tide.

Barbados Stamps Pre Paid Postcard - Kensington Oval

KENSINGTON OVAL – referred to as “The Mecca” of cricket, this 125 year-old world famous cricket ground was demolished and reopened in 2007 with increased seating capacity. The ground prominently displays a statute of Sir Garfield Sobers.

It will be fascinating to see the kind of use these pre paid cards get as their versatility will ensure that they become ubiquitous across the island.

For collectors there is a new challenge. How about getting a card from every post office on the island so you get every postmark? How about the same postmark on all one type of card? How about the postmark to correspond with the location, so St John’s church with a St John’s postmark?

The possibilities are endless and I’m sure that the more imaginative amongst you will some up with some wonderful ideas for collecting and display.

You can pre order these cards by getting in touch with the Barbados Philatelic Bureau which is based in the General Post Office, Cheapside, St. Michael, BB11000, Barbados. If you want to phone them the number is (246) 535-3900 and you can email them on

Meanwhile I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival here in the UK and as soon as I have copies I will post up the images on another post.

4 thoughts on “Barbados Pre Paid Postcards launch on 4th July 2018

  1. Hello, good to reasd that. Is it true that the cards were sold in a folder?
    If so, could you please be so kind as to send me a scan for a book?
    Best regards
    Michael Bockisch

    1. Hi Michael,

      The cards were not, to the best of my knowledge, sold in a folder, but they were available as a set from the GPO in Bridgetown and also from the counters at various PO’s around the country. Recent reports suggest that these are pretty much unavailable anywhere now, other than the Philatelic Bureau so it seems that they have been short-lived.

      1. Hello together, I did buy those cards at Cruise Terminal in Bridgetown jan. 2023 and they had still a lot to sell, inclding other stamps and FDC s etc for collection.

  2. Thanks Ralf, that’s interesting. It seems the cruise terminal is set up to supply a range of philatelic items to tourists. The postcards, however, are generally not available in other PO’s, especially those inland like St John and St Andrew.

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