SG32 | 6d Dull Orange Vermillion

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This stamp is definitely not the usual shade of dull orange vermillion that you might expect however it is most certainly a 6d with rough perfs and no watermark. This narrows it down to SG30, 31, 32 or 33 and on balance the nearest shade we can match it to is this one. It is being offered as SG32 but could equally be a faded version of any of the others in which case you might be getting a bargain as it is priced as the cheapest shade. Were it not for the fact that it has a value at the bottom we’d be inclined to say it is a 4d dull brown. Anyway, the bootheel misses britannia again and with very nice rough perfs this is a lovely stamp.

Year: 1879

Condition: Used

Cat: £20