Barbados SG1 | ½d yellow-green used with 2022 RPSL Certificate

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Year: 1855

Condition: Used

Cat: £700

Notes: This is a really nice used copy of one of the hardest Barbados stamps to get in fine condition. This has three clear, thin margins and the fourth margin on the right-hand side is still there but clipped right up against the design. The stamp has a lovely clean Bridgetown (St Michael) numeral 1 cancel. These stamps were almost exclusively used to pay for newspaper deliveries and were applied to the masthead of the daily newspaper. As a consequence, most of them were disposed of when the paper was thrown away, and because they were imperforate and had to be cut up using scissors, those that do remain intact are often misshapen with poor margins.

The stamp comes with a current, 2022 certificate of authenticity from the Royal Philatelic Society London