Edward VII

Barbados Stamps | Edward VII

1902 – 1910

During the short eight year reign of Edward VII there were just six basic issues of stamps, these being a reprint of the earlier Seal of Colony stamps but with a different watermark, the Nelson Centenary stamps, the Tercentenary of Annexation stamp featuring the Olive Blossom ship, the Kingston Relief overprint in aid of the Jamaica hurricane relief fund.  There was also a reprint of the Nelson Centenary and a reprint of the Seal of Colony stamps, both of which had different watermarks.  Despite this there is sufficient detail in these issues with inverted and reversed watermarks and variations on the overprints to make them a study area in their own right.

Barbados SG105Barbados SG106Barbados SG107Barbados SG108Barbados SG109Barbados SG110Barbados SG111Barbados SG112Barbados SG113Barbados SG114Barbados SG115Barbados SG116Barbados SG117Barbados SG118Barbados SG119Barbados SG120Barbados SG121Barbados SG122Barbados SG123Barbados SG124Barbados SG135Barbados SG136Barbados SG137Barbados SG139Barbados SG141Barbados SG142Barbados SG144Barbados SG145Barbados SG146Barbados SG147Barbados SG148Barbados SG149Barbados SG150Barbados SG151Barbados SG152Barbados SG153Barbados SG153aBarbados SG158Barbados SG161Barbados SG162Barbados SG163Barbados SG164Barbados SG165Barbados SG166Barbados SG167Barbados SG168Barbados SG169